• Data Overload

    Data Overload!

    Making Sense of Genome Sequencing with Bioinformatics

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  • Organelles of the cell

    Organelles of the Cell

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  • How the 3D organization of DNA controls cell identity

    How the 3D organization of DNA controls cell identity

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  • A Map to Guide You Through Your Genes

    A Map to Guide You Through Your Genes

    How gene linkage was discovered

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  • Keeping Track of Your DNA

    Keeping Track of Your DNA

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  • Retroviruses: Transcription in Reverse

    Retroviruses: Transcription in Reverse

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Our Story

Florie Charles picture

Youreka Science was born in a San Francisco public school classroom. Florie, a PhD student at UCSF, was teaching 5th graders about the structure of a cell. When she was planning lesson with the teacher, she realized how valuable it would be to incorporate recent scientific findings to the classroom curriculum to bring textbook principles to life. This idea expanded beyond the classroom to reach all of the members of the public.

How empowering would it be for patients to better understand the underlying biology of their disease and learn how new treatments work to fight their illness?

How enlightening would it be for citizens to be part of the discovery process and see their tax dollars at work from the beginning?

How rewarding would it be for scientists to see their research understood and appreciated by the very people that support their work?

Youreka Science was born from the idea of making scientific findings accessible to the general public through fun whiteboard videos.

Browse around and learn something new about your own biology. Become an empowered citizen and spread knowledge to others.

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